How to Calculate Profit Margins at a Sportsbook


Profit margins

Profit margins at a sportsbook can be tricky to calculate. They depend on many factors, including the number of sports and offers, the convenience of I/O, bonus shares and betting limits. A sportsbook can have a high profit margin on one outcome, but a low one on another. Luckily, a formula exists that will help you calculate your margins and choose the most profitable odds.

Point spreads

Point spreads are the odds set at a sportsbook prior to a game. These odds fluctuate and are based on several factors, including power rankings, location, injuries, matchups, and public perception. If you are betting on a point spread, you should look at the odds for each team before you place your bet.

Money lines

Sportsbooks have money lines and middle lines for their sports bets. Both are profitable if you can find a difference between the spreads. The difference can be due to different oddsmakers at different sportsbooks or a change in the spread at a single sportsbook. A good example of a middle line is a seven-point spread on one team versus a nine-point spread on the other team.

Reduced juice lines

Taking advantage of reduced juice lines at a sportsbook can save you a lot of money. Normally, sportsbooks charge 5% more for juice than they do for the regular lines, so betting on the reduced juice line will save you $5 per hundred bets. This can add up over the long run, especially if you make a lot of bets.

Nickel lines

Some sportsbooks offer nickel lines as an incentive to win more bets. These lines are lower than a standard -110 line, meaning that if you win a game, you will have to bet $105 to break even. This type of line is also known as reduced juice or reduced commission.


The cash out feature on the FanDuel sportsbook allows you to cash out your wagers before the game starts. Since the payout on a bet fluctuates throughout a game, cashing out before it ends is a great way to lock in your profit and recoup your wager. To cash out, click the cash out button that appears on your wager ticket. However, you should note that not all wagers qualify for cash out.


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