When Should You Hire an Online Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

Dragging yourself to the gym can be as daunting as dragging yourself to work. If you train before work, you are likely to still sleepy from waking up at the unholy hours before sunrise. If you train after work, you are also likely drained from the day. If the gym or a one-on-one trainer does not suit you, perhaps an online fitness coach will. Here are several reasons why you should consider getting one for yourself:

When One-on-One Training Does Not Work

Many personal trainers get a bad rap for being unknowledgeable about, well, personal training. However, forget the stereotypes and imagine genuine and credible personal trainers that have degrees in exercise science from a reputable university and are registered nutritionists. Even if this is the case, some people do not work well with these ideal personal trainers, and there are plenty of reasons outside of academic backgrounds.

Lack of Motivation

Personal training involves close interaction between you and your trainers. Their job extends beyond giving you exercises. It also includes motivating you to do them. They have to get you pumped for your workout. They have to get you hungry for those extra reps. When you see your trainer, the first thing that comes to mind should be “Time to make some gains.” Your trainers do not have to be IFBB pros to do this. They do not need extensive knowledge of exercise programs to get you in shape. Just the basics in combination with a charismatic and inspirational character can go a long way.

Too Friendly

The opposite can also happen. You can end up with trainers that are too friendly. You end up chatting in between sets. Suddenly, 10 minutes have passed, and you are still on your warm-up sets. They can be too easy going. Yes, they make you work, but not enough to see significant results. Sure, you can keep your cardiovascular health if you do 20 reps of bench press with 75 lbs. But if you want a strong and developed chest, they have to make you go for heavier weights.

Rely More on Yourself

At the end of the day, you can only rely on yourself to get you into shape. Thus, you can opt to train by yourself at home. You can walk the road to fitness alone, but it does not have to be lonely. An online fitness coach can give you the virtual company and advice that you may need from time to time when you reach a bump or fork. Pushups, pullups, lunges, and squats are great bodyweight exercises to get you started. But if you are a newbie, then you still need some guidance to maneuver your way around them. Unless you already have elite strength and endurance, your legs may not be capable of immediately doing squats after a set of lunges. You can rest, or you can do something else. An online fitness coach can tailor-fit a home training program for you so you can maximise your workouts and reach your goals faster.

Your workouts are around an hour of your entire day. You should focus the rest of your day on recovery and nutrition. A personal trainer cannot watch over you as you cook your meals or help you do your grocery shopping, but an online fitness coach can. Get the right ingredients, cook the rights meals, and avoid the junk with the help of your online fitness coach.

Whether you are a rookie, intermediate, or veteran in the fitness scene, you may still need some help. With an online fitness coach, you can get that help anywhere and anytime. You can achieve your goals all from the guidance of your virtual coach.