What Movies to Watch on Cable TV in 2021?

Movies to Watch on Cable TV

Movies and TV shows are a great pastime, there’s no doubt about it. With the range of streaming options available, one can easily watch their favorite shows during their free time. It is a relaxing activity, to say the least. Combine the viewing pleasure with a bowl of popcorn and a few friends, and you’ll definitely have fun. 

If you already have a subscription to a cable plan like Spectrum packages, you must know there are many great movies running these days. You can also watch your favorite movies by using the on-demand services. The following passages are about some of the best movies that you can watch on cable TV in 2021. 


4×4 is a thriller unlike no other. This Argentine-Spanish crime-based drama will definitely get on your nerves. Based on actual events, the plot gets intense by the minute. Peter Lanzani plays the role of a thug. In the movie, you will see him breaking into a car. This car comes with a special security system and traps him inside. Now, he has only scarce food resources to survive and he can’t communicate with the outside world either. Things get interesting here and the suspense of the drama heightens. No more spoilers! You will need to watch this movie that comes with a great concept to keep you rooted in your seat. 

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

We are all going through tough times due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. In such times, it is important to be able to look on the bright side of life. People need to laugh and watch comedy shows to lighten their hearts. This movie will have you laughing on all fours. Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wig play the role of housemaids. They leave their small town for the first time to experience the outside world. From here on, the endless rollercoaster of laughter begins. You will appreciate the well-done comedy that follows as soon as the ladies leave their hometown. The reenactments of Edgar’s Song will definitely leave you struggling with fits of laughter. 

Body Brokers

Body Brokers is an Indie movie in which you will see Jack Kilmer recovering from drug abuse. The story begins when he moves into a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. Here, he finds out that the center is actually working for its own vested interests. All they are really interested in is getting popular drug addicts admitted to attract other drug addicts. They are actually a part of a multi-billion-dollar fraud operation. Here, you will find Michael K. Williams and Owen Campbell delivering the performance of their lives. The plot is quite intense and you will love the action and suspense in the movie when Jack Kilmer realizes what he has gotten himself into!

Breaking News in Yuba County

Tate Taylor, the Director of “The Help” and “Get On Up” is directing “Breaking News in Yuba County”. You can imagine the class of this show. The cast testifies to the brilliant direction capabilities of Tate Taylor. The utilization of the cast is so well that you will see every actor getting screen time. Catch Allison Janney’s acting at another level as she covers up the natural death of her husband. The direction is a treat to see. Similarly, the various instances of dark comedy will speak volumes about the talent of the scriptwriters. You will love the plot and cast for sure. 

Brothers by Blood

If you are a fan of crime dramas, then Brothers by Blood is for you. Joel Kinnaman stars as the leader of a crime group. His cousin is Matthias Schoenaerts who works tirelessly to maintain peace in Philadelphia. The struggle of both these characters against each other despite their blood relation is a treat to watch. They cannot directly go against each other yet they are not supportive of what the other does. This family struggle is indeed one you should watch with your friends!

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