What is The Way in Which YouTube Count The Views?

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YouTube Count The Views

With the increasing trend of social media promotion, every social media platform is coming with some strict algorithms, just like Google. Well, it is very essential with the increasing trend of online business and Digital Marketing.

Each one of us wants to excel, but the recent algorithm at all the social media handles are set to: ‘May the best one wins’. 

The same is the case with the YouTube Algorithm update in 2019. So, before you focus on how to increase youtube views, your concern should be how a view is counted on YouTube.

Unless, until you know how a view is counted; how would you work for its improvisation?

More About Counting of Views on YouTube:

One thing is sure that not every click on YouTube is counted as a view. You have to ensure that your view is counted before you think about how to increase youtube views.

Here are a few tips to follow.

  • Do not try to scam in terms of views, YouTube can easily get hold of the cheating. If you are watching the video uploaded by you, again and again, it will not be counted as a view. Rather your video might enter the bad books of YouTube.
  • Any watch shall not last less than 30 seconds. If someone just opens your video and exit before half a minute, YouTube considers it as the use of the wrong thumbnail to make a fool of the audience, and you end up with a negative impression on the platform.
  • If the chatbot is watching your video, and it is detected, you have again lost the battle. Your channel might even be forwarded to the blacklist. 
  • Attract the audience with genuine efforts, and give them the content to watch only then you can get the actual views. For all the times your video is played by an identical user and watched for more than one-fourth time of the total minutes of the video; it would be counted as a view. 
  • Do not get the inorganic traffic without checking the reality of a user. It is ok to buy YouTube views to attract more audience, but then you shall be sure all are humans and watching your videos.

If someone clicks to open your video for being paid, and then exits instantly, you are losing your time, money, and also, the ranking on YouTube channel. 

Moreover, you should focus on getting the target audience. For monetization through YouTube channel, you require a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours with not only the fake views.

Final Words:

It is good if you are working on how to increase youtube views? However, it is necessary to practice the right ways rather than following the wrong black hat tactics. It is certainly not helpful.

You require not only a higher number of viewers but also 4000 hours of the watch to be accountable for monetizing your channel on YouTube. Competition is valid and tough only the best one wins.