What is the Call-Out Fee for Electricians in Sydney?

Electricians in Sydney

Tourists include Sydney in their bucket list, mainly because of its natural attractions and the modern architectural wonder that is the Sydney Opera House or the St. Mary’s Cathedral. But Australians are drawn to the big city for the opportunities as they try to carve a career or find their place in the sun. More than 73,000 small businesses operate in Sydney, employing nearly 2 million people. 

But there are also freelancers who are their own bosses. These are the skilled workers, such as electricians, mechanics, plumbers, or carpenters who offer their services to homeowners or business owners. 

As far as skilled workers go, electricians are right up there in terms of professional fees. It makes sense considering that they are working in a dangerous environment and the difficulties in earning their license. For instance, they had to undergo four years of training and apprenticeship before they are even allowed to apply for a license. So, it is best to temper your expectations. You will spend money. 

With that said, how much is the call-out fee for an electrician in Sydney?

Call-Out Fee for a Sydney Electrician

The call-out fee refers to the fixed charge when you contact an electrician to address an electrical emergency or install an electric system. It is the charge on top of the professional fee for a particular job. 

For example, repairing a meter box will cost around $250. You will need to pay extra for the call-out fee. 

As you know, Sydney has one of the highest costs of living in Australia. You can expect to pay more when you hire an electrician in the city compared to Perth or Brisbane. In New South Wales, the average hourly rate for an electrician is around $90. It goes down to around $65 if you live in Victoria. 

So anywhere in Australia, the cost of an electrician will range from as low as $50 to as high as $150. 

Typically, the call-out fee is based on the hourly rate of the electrician in Sydney. So, going back to the meter box, you can expect to pay around $330 for the whole job. 

It should be mentioned, however, that the cost is simply an estimate of the expected expenses. Multiple factors will affect the final billing, such as distance to your location, the intricacy of the job, the access to the worksite, the number of labor hours spent on the job, and the equipment used.

Some electricians do not charge a call-out fee at all, but this kind of thing rarely happens. The call-out fee will cover the gas expenses and the labor hours to make the trip to your house and conduct an initial assessment. As you may understand, if they do not charge a call-out fee, people would be calling them for the most trivial of problems. As a result, they would be wasting their efforts on something that is not worth their time. 

Whatever you do, however, make sure to hire only licensed electricians to handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of your home or business’ electrical needs. Some jobs require a Level 2 ASP, which is mandated by the law. Contact your service provider and consult with them on the phone so that they can send the right electrician to your location. 

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