Wearing Your Hoodie With Style

Wearing Your Hoodie With Style

The first hoodie was invented in the 1930s, marketed as warm and comfortable clothing for workers and athletes during the cold season. It has evolved extensively over the decades. It is now considered fashion apparel that can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. You can now buy men’s hoodies online in virtually any style and design.

Versatile Clothing

After being made popular by athletes and workers, there was a time when wearing a hoodie was considered sloppy. It was adopted by hip-hop culture in the seventies, worn by graffiti artists, or breakdancers. It has since become a staple in any man’s wardrobe. It can be worn casually or paired off with other pieces to match any occasion. Many students and alumni wear this when designed with a university logo. With the right blazer, shoes, and bottoms, anyone can pull off wearing it to work. 

The popularity of the hoodie these days shows that this period is the highpoint of athleisure. Hoodies are typically worn as sportswear, usually paired with sweatpants. But this comfortable garment is not only worn for jogging and workouts anymore as athletes do but is a typical clothing style. You can buy men’s hoodies online that can be worn at home, school, or work. 

How to Wear Your Hoodie

  • The Athleisure Look

Hoodies nowadays do not necessarily mean you just came out of the gym or from a run. Wearing your hoodie with the athleisure look in mind can exude coolness and comfort. The baggy and oversized hoodie has been replaced with sleek and better-fitting ones, made from softer and heavier fabrics. To achieve the perfect athleisure look, pair a plain grey hoodie with fitted joggers and sneakers.

  • The Tailored Look

Who would have even thought that the humble hoodie would look good with a coat? If you want to look sharp but not too formal, try layering your suit with a hoodie, then pair it with straight-cut jeans or slacks and white sneakers.  

  • The Casual Look

If you want a more low-key look, layering a leather jacket and a hoodie can do the trick. This never goes out of style. One menswear designer says that hoodies have dramatically improved in terms of quality and fit. These days, men can find well-fitting and properly styled hoodies that can be worn for workouts or for a casual walk. Pair up this casual look with your leather boots to complete the outfit.

More Tips for Wearing the Hoodie

The hoodie must be a staple in every man’s wardrobe because of its versatility. You could also buy men’s hoodies online, which makes it very accessible. Here are a few more tips on how to rock the hoodie outfit on any occasion.

  • Pure cotton styles give you the best quality and longevity.
  • Go for the timeless, versatile design and color, which can go well with other pieces in your closet.
  •  You can nail a smart and sharp look with a fitted hoodie.
  • Pullover hoodies make you look smarter than zip-up ones.
  • Baggy hoodies are better worn on the couch.
  • A denim or leather jacket on a hoodie is edgy and stylish.
  • Any hoodie outfit is best worn with sneakers or boots.
  • Nail the urban look by layering your hoodie with a parka or a bomber jacket. 

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