Top 6 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Artificial Intelligence


Most people get scared by watching the movie Terminator how AI-based machines are destroying things. Luckily, it was a movie and you need not bother about it at least for now. People are worried about AI technology but many of them don’t know that it is helping us in our daily lives in multiple ways. 

In this article, you will find some real-world applications of artificial intelligence. It is making things easy in every aspect, at the same time it has also a downside. However, we will discuss the threats of AI in another article, here we will focus on the usage of artificial intelligence.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

AI was first introduced in 1955, but the advancement of technology has significantly risen after 2000. It is one of the most powerful and popular technologies of the hour. Let us see the top 6 applications of this technology in our daily lives.

Application of AI in Banking Sectors

We use banking services in our daily life for most of our financial needs.  In the banking sector, artificial intelligence is used for detecting fraud. It helps in providing secure transactions to customers and keeping their bank accounts and cards from potential risks. AI is used for collecting the transaction data of a customer which is used for security purposes. In addition, it is also used for providing customer support with the help of chatbots.   

Application of AI in the Marketing Industry

Marketing is the most important part of any business. If you are running a business then you know the importance of marketing. Earlier, marketing was done face to face, through TV ads, by events, campaigns, etc. Today marketing has completely changed due to the advancement of digital technologies and AI. AI is playing a significant role in the purchase decision of a customer. Because it is collecting the purchase history and buying behavior of a customer from different platforms. This data helps companies to understand the needs of a customer and helps in marketing.  

Application of AI in Customer Service Sector

Customer support is one of the essential parts of every business. It can build loyal customers which will eventually increase the trust and reputation of a business. Advanced chatbots are now able to solve the queries of customers in an efficient way. More importantly, the usage of chatbots will grow in the future. This is all possible due to AI.

Application of AI in Financial Markets

Investors and traders are getting a huge benefit from AI technology. Using trading bots, they can trade in the market automatically. If you want to use automatic trading and earn huge money then learn algorithmic trading and Blockchain Technology.

Application of AI in the Healthcare Industry

AI can be used to detect diseases such as a cardiac attack, heart stroke, brain stroke in advance. This technology can help to save many lives. There are much research going on about artificial intelligence in the health sector. 

Application of AI in the Gaming World

The gaming industry has transformed due to artificial intelligence. If you are a video game lover then you must have heard about the popular game Alpha Go. It is one of the biggest achievements of AI in the gaming industry. There is another popular game named F. E. A. R. The gaming world is going to achieve something bigger in the near future. 


These are the top use cases of artificial intelligence in 2020. Further, there is much more application of artificial intelligence in various fields. If you are interested in AI technology then this is the right time to learn about it. No matter which academic background you belong but you can have a basic idea about the technology. If you want to add any valuable information on AI, please share it in the comment section. 

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