The Basics and Benefits of a Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera

Normally, a person who does not feel well will visit a doctor. But in today’s world with the deadly coronavirus and other life-threatening diseases, people need more knowledge on how to avoid getting sick. A person with slight flu-like symptoms can sometimes pass as someone who looks fine and healthy. But if left unchecked, that individual can cause major damage to both his family and community. So, the use of a Thermal camera and high technology temperature equipment helps detect a possible COVID-19 carrier. 

How do thermal imaging cameras work?

The word “thermal” refers to something related to or caused by heat. All objects – living and non-living – reflect heat and cold frequencies differently. It is this change in the temperature of the body that can be detected by a Thermal camera. Humans emit invisible heat radiation, which the device sees. Also, lighting is not an issue since it is made to reflect and show heat. 

The tool works like any regular camera since it also captures images that are displayed on a screen. Except that instead of vibrant colors, all you see are pictures showing off hot and cold surfaces of things and people. 

What are the benefits of using thermal cameras?

COVID-19 has changed the usage of a thermal imaging camera. It currently enjoys a certain amount of fame because you can see one almost everywhere you look. The device can easily check if you have a fever with just a click of a button. But detecting the coronavirus and flu are not the only uses for a thermal imaging camera. 

Initially used by the military in the Korean War to check for survivors among their ranks, thermal imaging evolved and shifted to different fields. It saved countless lives then, and it continues to do so even in modern times. Both soldiers and police use them in sensitive operations, especially when they need to do surveillance activities. When they have night-time operations, they use thermal imagery equipment for investigations and search-and-rescue tasks.

When firefighters cannot see through the haze, they use a scanner to determine if there are other people trapped in a burning building. A structure that is engulfed with fire has unstable foundations. So, they use a thermal camera to check for hotspots or where the fire started. 

If your thermal insulation becomes faulty, have no fear. Building contractors use the camera to detect dangerous heat leaks. It also allows them to make cooling and heating improvements on a house or a structure. Home inspectors never leave for an inspection without it. 

A thermal camera is also a must for most non-hazardous occupations. Most corporations and businesses use thermal imaging gear with their regular security cameras to protect their company. It becomes easy for their safety crew to monitor potential threats via intruders who may lurk their hallways at unholy times. 

Understandably, the cameras and thermal equipment are expensive. The common homeowner may still have doubts about buying one for their property. But with the proliferation of deadly viruses and asymptomatic individuals, it is never a sin to be too careful. If anything, this is one camera that all people should invest in. Anyone who has a business or a family to protect will unanimously agree that the cost is worth it, especially when the spread of any sickness or disease can be avoided via early detection. 

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