Styling Tips You Must Know Before Wearing High Waisted Jeans

High Waisted Jeans

Women cannot get enough of the high waisted style because they hide the front flaps, belly bulges, and love handles. They also keep your shirt correctly tucked-in. And above all these, the high-waisted style keeps you from showing a plumber’s crack or a muffin top. No wonder why this style is always on the rise. 

If you already bought yourself countless pairs of high waisted jeans, but you’re unsure how these pairs will work for you, check the fashion tips shared below. All of these tips will surely help you look sophisticated instead of looking like you are in the dreaded mommy jeans. 

Tucked-in top 

High waisted pants will not make sense if you cover it with your untucked top. The good thing with high waisted pants is that any style works with it. It does not matter if you’re pairing it with your favorite tee, long-sleeve tops, or plaid lumberjack shirt, you can rock every look. 

One styling trick that you might like to try is tucking in your tee or buttoning your high waisted pants over it, and raising your arms over your head. By doing this, you will be pulling just the right fabric amount to achieve that perfect waist blouson. 

Stay away from over blousy tops 

The remarkable thing about high waisted pants is that they provide a lot of coverage and volume. Blousy tops, on the other hand, will compete with the kind of volume and coverage already provided by the pants. 

If you pair them, you do not get a flattering pair at all. Instead, you are only setting yourself up to look like a chicken lollipop with all the bulk pushed to the top. To be specific, say no to layered tanks, ruffle blouses, and off-the-shoulder bed-ruffle blouses. 

Go for crop tops 

If there is a top and bottom that can be considered as a match made in heaven, then that would be crop tops and high waisted jeans. With these pants, your tummy, belly button, and abdomen are already covered, so it would not be a crime if you show a little skin. Go for crop tops that give little peeks at its midriffs and flowy crop tops. These tops are very good at balancing out the excess volume. 

Avoid crop tops and bras that are very revealing 

Some of you cannot resist the urge of having to wear bra tops that are way too revealing. Remember, showing too much skin is never a good thing. Even celebrities are sometimes uncomfortable with what they are wearing. Some of them were also photographed covering themselves up while wearing their snakeskin halter top or very revealing brassieres. 

It is as if they did not want to bare skin at all. If you really cannot resist the urge to bare, make sure that you’re comfortable with what you are wearing. 

Wear your high waisted jeans with long jackets 

Think of Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba as you visualise how this style will look. Keep your outfit well proportioned with a pair of high waisted pants, tucked-in tee, long jacket, and a pair of heels. For as long as your top is cropped, tucked in, or knotted on the side, you will never go out of style.

Achieving a flattering look with your high waisted pants is easy for as long as you know your styling basics and you are confident in the look you are rocking. Study the tips shared above and prepare to wow everyone.