Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Quality air conditioning allows you to enjoy indoor living the whole year-round. An air conditioner breakdown is the last thing you’ll want to deal with, especially during the hot summer months. It will mess up your daily household operations and leave you with great discomfort while sleeping at night. 

A system repair is not always the right answer for your air conditioning problems at home. Sometimes, it would benefit you more to call for a full replacement. Know when to put your old air conditioning system to rest by watching out for these warning signs. 

Your air conditioning unit is over 2 decades old.

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is about 15 to 20 years, according to the US Department of Energy. Thus, when your 2 decades-old air conditioner unit at home starts acting up, you may want to reconsider paying for repair service. As a rule of thumb, repairs that cost about 50% of a full replacement are not worth going for. Stop spending your money needlessly on repairs and start saving with a new AC installation

Your home’s cooling costs continue to go up.

If your home’s cooling costs suddenly go up without any increase in demand, it is right to suspect a major AC problem. Older units and those with worn-out parts are forced to work harder and consume more energy. According to American Home Shield,  as years go by, an AC unit loses its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) points. You can significantly help lower your home’s cooling costs by installing newer, high-efficiency models. 

Your air conditioner produces an unusual sound or smell. 

Do you hear loud, unusual sounds when operating your AC unit? Consistent banging, squealing, and buzzing sounds coming from your air conditioner are signs of malfunctioning parts or components. On the other hand, noticing a foul odor every time you run the AC can be an indication of system damage. A burning smell is dangerous as it may be due to a wiring issue or an overheating motor. For your safety, evacuate your home at once and call in a team of HVAC professionals. 

Your air conditioner is blowing warm air inside your home.

Your air conditioner is supposed to provide fresh, cool air inside your home. If it does, otherwise, you might have a big problem at hand. Unless you have a clog in your ductwork, your AC unit could be telling you to give it a rest when it stops doing its job. Change to a high-efficiency unit to bring back air conditioning comfort in your home.

Are you experiencing these air conditioning problems at home? If yes, make no delays and call a licensed HVAC contractor right away. Addressing your air conditioning problems at home at an earlier time will save you from dealing with expensive repairs or replacements. 

If you are planning to switch to a high-efficiency AC unit, consulting the pros will help you find the right product at a reasonable price. Schedule a project consultation with a trustworthy HVAC company today.

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