Must-haves in a Business Suite for Your Money-making Venture


Now more than ever, it’s crucial that you explore all digital solutions and take advantage of those that can help keep your business stay afloat. This is especially true as staying indoors can spell the difference between remaining in the pink of health and catching a deadly virus. Besides, many consumers prefer to shop online since COVID-19 came into being, and a lot of them vow to continue doing so even after the pandemic is over.

If you have switched from running your business traditionally to online, it is very much likely for your competitors to have done the same. So, in other words, standing out is a must to make sure that the customers, current and prospective alike, will find and trust you.

When it comes to keeping your money-making venture afloat in this e-commerce boom, the business applications you use are major role players in boosting your productivity and profitability. This is when the importance of relying on a top-notch business suite, such asĀ Zoho One, comes in. With the right one, you will find it easier and more effective to run an online business, and your customers will find it a delight to order your goods.

All kinds of perks come with the use of a collection of applications for your online business. Together, they can help you keep on raking in profits amid a pandemic that has forced a lot of business owners to close up shop.

Improved Customer Relationship

Without your customers, your business is practically non-existent. Having an effective customer relationship (CRM) system allows you to build a relationship with the people who are interested in your offerings, thus creating loyalty and retention. The presence of numerous tools for communicating with the customers through various platforms is a telltale sign that the business suite you are about to use can help make your online business boom.

Optimized Social Media Presence

Nearly four billion people all over the planet are using social media, and some of them could be interested in your products. This is why you should utilize social media to the fullest for increased visibility and sales. A business suite trusted by many smart business owners enables trouble-free handling of various social media accounts and offers a variety of tools that can help make having a social media presence advantageous.

Enhanced Business Analytics

Analytics lets you measure the impact of your marketing strategy, thereby allowing you to devise and carry out the necessary steps to maintain or improve profitability. While there are cost-free analytic tools that you may use, the problem with them is that they are not feature-rich. On the other hand, analytics that comes with Zoho One or any other first-rate business suite offers helpful tools and provides crucial information.

Upgraded Communication Chat Tool

When running a business online, it’s not just your customers, whether returning or potential, that you have to communicate with remotely. You also need to get in touch with your employees through the internet. This is why having a communication chat tool that everyone on the team can use is of utmost importance. Having an assortment of helpful features as well as a reliable security system is a must for it to work to your enterprise’s advantage.


Not all business suites are created equal. If the goal is to keep your money-making venture up and running during and after the pandemic, count on the right one.

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