How to Save Money By Reducing Air Conditioner Bills This Summer?

Save Money By Reducing Air Conditioner Bills

Summer days are ideal for baseball games, pool parties, and backyard cookouts. The only thing that is horrible about summers is heat and humidity. All you can do on summer days is soaking because of the humid temperature that forces you to stay inside your house and turn on the air conditioner. 

However, do you know the air conditioner comes with a high-maintenance cost or high appliance repair cost? Not only that, but it also increases energy consumption in summers. According to industry experts, half of the average electric bill in summers is due to cooling devices. 

So, what’s the solution? Should you just turn off the cooling devices and sit in humidity? Absolutely No! There are some ways in which you can reduce the bill cost. For example – 

  1. A central air conditioner use about 3500 watts or 3.5 Kilowatt per hour. 
  2. A window air conditioner consumes around 900 watts, and 
  3. A floor fan on high speed just takes 100 watts to cool you. 

Therefore, it’s a best practice to use central AC less this summer. Let’s check all the ways in which you can reduce your utility bill cost this summer. 

1. Stop Heat From Entering Your House

It might sound like an impossible task as it’s not possible to stop 100% of the heat from entering your house. However, there are certain ways in which you can avoid it by some percentage for sure by sealing leaks and insulation improvements. These small tricks not only help you to keep warm air outside the house but also let fresh air in. 

Let’s check some ways with which you can stop warm air from entering your house. 

i. Keep Windows Closed 

One of the simplest ways to stop warm hair is to keep windows closed during the daytime. It may provide a little insulation, but a little is better than nothing. You can open your house windows when its temperature cools down in the evening. 

ii. Replace Old School Windows With Modern Ones

Old school windows come with a single glass pane. On the other hand, modern windows come with two or three glass panes along with an insulating gas layer between them. Modern windows are energy-efficient and well-insulated frames that help in less heat loss. However, replacing is a costly option, so consider replacement only when your old windows are severely damaged and beyond appliance repair

2. Treatment For Less Heat Absorption

Apart from the windows, multiple elements in your house absorb heat. 

i. Paint With Light Colors

Dark colors attract more heat from the sunlight compared to light colors. Therefore, try to paint your house a light colour instead of the dark as it reduces the amount of absorbed heat. The only downside of the light colours is that less absorption of heat may cause you trouble in winters. 

ii. A Cold Roof

A roof made up of special reflective coatings or materials is considered to be an ideal solution to avoid sun rays. A cool roof reduces the temperature up to 50-degree Fahrenheit in summer days when compared to dark roofs. And the most amazing thing is the cost of both the type of roofs are approximately the same. But it might cause you trouble in winters just like the light color as it will absorb less amount of heat in winters. 

3. Try to Avoid Indoor Heat

Try to reduce the heat sources inside the house. Here are a few indoor heat sources. 

i. Cooking

When you turn on an oven or a stove in the kitchen, the efforts and time of air conditioning gradually increase due to heat. Therefore, in summer days, try to reply to small appliances that release a small amount of heat, including a toaster oven, slow cooker, and microwave. You can also switch to the outside and use a barbecue grill instead of the above options. If you don’t pay attention, you might end up breaking your air conditioner due to overtime and later require appliance repair

ii. Appliances

Apart from the kitchen appliances, other electrical appliances such as clothes dryer and dishwasher can also heat up your home. Try to avoid the use of these appliances in the day time and rather use them at night when the temperature cools down. This solution not only will help in reducing the indoor heat but also reduce the burden on your air conditioning system. Otherwise, you might end up spoiling your AC and may require appliance repair

Wrapping Up

With the above-mentioned small tricks, you can avoid high cooling costs and save your house from overheating. Our human body cannot cool itself in the situation of humidity and high temperature. So, forget about your electric bill and cool yourself as quickly as possible.

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