Fear? Not If You Use YOGA The Right Way!

Yoga is popular across the globe because of its amazing effects on your mind, body, and overall wellness. It combines physical postures, known as asanas, with breathing techniques, known as pranayama, and guided meditation to help you gain more strength and enhance a positive mindset. Yoga dates back to thousands of years ago in the Indus Valley to promote harmony between the mind, body, and surroundings. Today, it continues to be practiced by many, and different types have emerged along the way.

Seeing yogis do their sun salutations or even just videos on the Internet can make yoga seem daunting. You will often hear people afraid to try the practice for reasons like lack of flexibility or fitness. However, yoga is not about being perfect and getting each of the poses right in your first try. It is about the journey and transformation that you experience as you immerse yourself in practice. 

If you have been putting off your first session for a while now, now is the time to embrace it. Put on your top and leggings, grab your whey protein isolate (WPI) and your yoga mat, and head off to your class. If you are still uncertain, here are some things you can remember to rid yourself of the common insecurities.

Everyone Being Better

Yoga is not about attaining a certain “level” because in every class you attend, you will meet different people. Some may just be starting like you, while others may have been going to class for some time now. Whatever the scenario, do not feel intimidated because it is not a competition. You will get better at your own pace. So enjoy the experience as you go along. Go to your classes feeling energized, and end it with some WPI to give you the protein you need.

Not Flexible Enough

One of the most common misconceptions about trying out yoga is that you have to be flexible. Rather than thinking that yoga requires flexibility, think this way: yoga increases flexibility. Thus, you need not enter your first class and be able to touch your toes, nor do you have to do a headstand immediately. As you go along your journey, you will slowly become more flexible and learn to love the practice regardless of your flexibility.

Not For Me

Yoga is not exclusive for anyone, so do not ever feel it is not for you. You need not have a specific personality, body type, or lifestyle to take part in the practice. When you go to your first class, you will likely meet all sorts of people–a testament to how everyone is welcome to do yoga as long as they want to.

Falling Down

A lot of yoga poses involve balance and concentration, so many people fear that they will fall when doing the practice. Falling down, however, is a natural part of the learning process, and one that will help you get better over time. Do not feel humiliated in any way because nobody will reprimand or judge you if you ever lose your balance while trying to hold a pose. At the same time, falling will not hurt as much as you may think, especially since you have the support of your mat.