Expert-Approved Maintenance Tips To Preserve Plantation Blinds

Sydney enjoys a humid subtropical climate all year round. The capital of New South Wales usually has warm summers and relatively cold winters. Based on records, the average sunshine hours in the city ranges from 5.18 hours during the winter and 7.36 hours in summer. The city also has an average of 2426 hours of sunlight annually, where at least 55.4 percent of the daylight hours are generally sunny while the remaining 44.6 percent of the daylight hours are most likely hazy or cloudy. 

Because of this, plenty of houses in the city opt to install plantation shutters in Sydney to lessen the excessive sunlight at home. These plantation shutters will also work as a stylish tool to add more privacy to an establishment. If you are one of the Sydney residents who chose to install plantation blinds at home, here are several ways to keep it in good condition. 

Move The Blind’s Louvres With Care 

The louver of the blade is the part of the plantation blind that you can tilt to open and close. To make sure that it will not break easily, always make sure that you will not put any extra strain on the louvers each time you need to adjust them. If you put too much force, you may cause damage to its framework. If you feel that the blades already become stiff, you need to re-adjust the screws located inside to fix the problem. 

Avoid Opening The Shutters For A Long Time 

Not all homeowners know that keeping the louvers open for a long time can also add pressure to the plantation shutters in Sydney. It is because the design of this type of window treatment requires it to remain close to control the amount of light that enters the room. If you keep it open for too long, it will damage the hinges and put a strain on its framework.

Keep It Clean

Aside from maintaining its looks, keeping it clean will also make sure that it will stay in its tip-top shape. Dusting the shutters at least once a week will help prevent any dirt build-up that could hamper the opening and closing of the window treatment. You can do a thorough cleaning of the blinds, preferably once a month. It means you must remove the shutters and hinges so you can clean all the parts using clean water. As much as possible, avoid cleaning the plantation blinds with soapy water to prevent damages. 

Repaint Scratches 

If you have painted plantation shutters, always be on the look-out for any chips or scratches. Any small scratch can lead to more significant damages in the future. You can repaint these minor scratches using a small foam brush. If your plantation blinds use faux wood materials, you need to follow the right rules for painting properly. Ask your plantation blinds supplier to tell you the right shade of your blinds so you can paint it with the appropriate color.  

By doing the tips mentioned, you can get the assurance that you will enjoy the beauty and function of your plantation blinds for years to come. You may also call your blinds supplier in Sydney for regular maintenance done by professionals. These experts will make sure that the blinds will be free from any damages that could impede its function. 

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