Dryer Usage – 5 Tips So That You Never Need Dryer Repair!

Dryer Usage

Dryers are peculiar appliances. While they are immensely useful, they are also very delicate and need special care. However, we often take dryers for granted and do not take their proper care, nor do we bother to take time out for their maintenance. This leads to technical issues in the appliance, inviting for dryer repair

Are you too struggling with the upkeep of your dryer? Are you unaware of what to do and how to take care of your dryer? Well, worry not! In this post, we share with you 5 tips through which you can take good care of your dare, and avoid the need for dryer repair as far as possible. Let us start! 

1. Never Overload Your Dryer

One of the most common causes of dryers developing technical snags is overloading. Every dryer comes with a pre-defined maximum loading capacity (you can look up for it in the user manual of the dryer). However, the users often ignore this specification of loading capacity, and more stuff is put into the dryer, than what the permissible limit is. 

Overloading leads to severe wear and tear of the dryer, which is absolutely uncalled for. Further, overloading leads to undue pressure on the internal machinery of the dryer, this can lead to permanent damage to it. In fact, when you load more than allowed clothes into the dryer, it’s even its efficiency comes down and it is unable to perform its drying action properly. 

Therefore, the first and foremost tip to follow in order to avoid the need for dryer repair is to ensure that you are not overloading it. 

2. Place the Dryer Correctly

How and where you place your dryer also has a major impact on its performance and shelf life. If you have placed your dryer on an uneven, sloppy, or tilted base, and the dryer is not in an upright position, it can become a cause of technical snags soon. 

Improper placement leads to hampering in the smooth functioning of the internal components of the appliance. Therefore, one must ensure that the dryer is always placed on an even, clean, and clutter-free surface. Believe us, this will help you avoid dryer repair to a great extent! 

3. Properly Cleaning the Critical Components

Keeping your dryer clean and well maintained is determinantal in ensuring its long-term performance. Apart from the mandatory cleaning after every use, certain critical components of the appliance need some special attention. Ironically, these critical components often go unnoticed and the users clean them seldom if they do it at all. 

It is recommended to check and clean the dryer vents to clean them off the lint, dust, and scum that gets accumulated over them over a period of time. This examination and cleaning activity can be performed every two months. 

4. Keep a Check on What You Are Putting In

It is also important to be conscious of what you are putting into your dryer to get dried, what can be put, and what can not be put. Many times, users put a variety of stuff into the dryer, which is not allowed. This can lead to severe wear, tear, and damage to the appliance, and hence should be avoided. 

5. Always Follow the Dryer User Manual

Finally, for dryer operations, the user manual for the appliance should be followed like Bible! Manufacturers often put out elaborate details and guidelines on how to operate and maintain the appliance in the right way. These guidelines are devised keeping in mind the specifications of the appliance, as well as the user feedback over a period of time. These can be found either in the documentation that comes with the appliance, or it can be accessed online as well. 

Following the user guidelines mentioned in the manual will ensure that you have a smooth run with the device, and do not have to go for appliance repair frequently.


One can easily see from the above points, how one can follow some easy tips to stay away from the need for dryer repair as soon as possible. However, if the situation demands, one must also not shy away from availing the services of a professional dryer repair service! 

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