Decorating Your Coffee Tables

Many homes make use of a coffee table in their living room or outdoor patio, and it makes for a great compliment to the overall look of a room. Although nowadays, several home improvement magazines have discussed how the modern coffee table can change someone’s perspective once they come into a room.

Decorating Tips

Use Decorations with Different Sizes or Heights

You can use a coffee table as a setting for different sized items such as candles, glasses, or bonsai plants to add depth to the overall look of the room. This tactic may help trick the eye of any person who enters the room may think that the table looks smaller or taller than it is.

Use One Piece That Says “I Complete This Room”

Sometimes, there is one piece that you can put in a room, and it completes the look that you want to convey, given the colors, furniture, and accessories that you have added to make a statement for the people visiting your home.

Mix and Match Your Colours

You might have already chosen a color for your room and the furniture. There might also be pillows, lighting fixtures, and general photo arrangements that are in place and have a specific color scheme to compliment the room.

Choose one color that stands out from each element in the room, and pick out decorations that would have the colors that you have chosen to complete the cohesiveness of the overall look.

Play With Commonly Used Decorations

Books and flowers are commonly used items for decorations on tables, so play with the numbers and see how the look will play out by using different numbers for each. You could also include a small figurine to play out the odds.

Be Creative

Sometimes, when you are not following a rule is when you come up with fabulous pieces that you can mix and match on your coffee table. You can include personal souvenirs or items that can give your visitors an outlook of your personality and history.

Make Use of a Tray

A tray may serve a different purpose other than being another element in your coffee table decorations. Sometimes, it may serve as a border or frame that will complement the items that you have on the table as a decoration. You can use it as a way for you to transfer the details on the table during cleaning quickly.

Remember the Rule of Three

A classic rule in interior decoration is the rule of the three. Try to keep the number of items in a particular setting to a maximum of three. Designers use this rule to establish a striking look in the overall design of the room. It is an excellent rule to follow if you are running out of ideas.

Try Spicing Things Up

There are times that you can use a modern coffee table for something else and use other furniture in the room as a coffee table instead. This option may drastically change the decoration options of the table, but may sometimes look different to people who have been seeing the usual coffee table settings.

Whatever the case may be, you have the option of using other pieces for decoration or follow what your heart desires on what you want to put on the table to serve as decoration pieces. One thing is for sure, nothing is solid, and you can certainly change what you place on top of the table as much as you want.

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