A Guide on How to Increase Employee Productivity.

Increase Employee Productivity

How can leaders improve their productivity along with saving time? George Goyal from Houston is here with the top ten things one can do to increase the employees’ efficiency at the workplace. 

As per George Goyal Houston, it is good to think of the ways one can accept to save time. In the modern days, employees tend to spend most of their time in the office certainly exceeding the 40-hour workweek. However, an increase in hours doesn’t actually mean an increasing inefficiency. So how can you manage and improve the employees’ productivity with still saving time? 

Never be afraid to delegate

This tip might seem the most obvious but is often the most difficult one to put into practice. Your company is your responsibility and hence you always wish to have a direct hand in everything that happens within it. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing the quality as it is the one that makes a business successful. You must check over every small detail of the company rather than delegating as it can waste everyone’s valuable time. 

Match tasks to skills

Knowing the employees’ skills and their behavioral styles is important to maximize efficiency. For instance, a creative, extroverted, out-of-the-box thinker is probably a great employee to pitch ideas to clients. However, such employees might struggle if you give them a more rule-intensive and detailed-oriented task. 

Communicate effectively

Every manager is aware of the fact that communication is a key to a productive workforce. Technology has allowed us to increase communication with a mere click of a button or say just a tap of touch on the screen. This shows that current communication methods are more efficient and quick as compared to the old ones. Instead of relying only on emails, try to opt for social networking tools that are designed for quicker communication. 

You can even encourage your employees to occasionally adopt a more easy form of communication that is voice-to-voice communication. Having a quick meet or a call can settle a matter that might take hours when opted for message or email. 

Keep goals clear and focused

One cannot expect employees to be efficient if they are not focused on goals or aims. If the goal is not clearly defined and feasible, employees will be comparatively less productive. Hence try to make your goals and employees’ assignments as clear and narrow as possible. Let them understand exactly what you expect from them and tell them what will be the impact of the specific assignment. 

Incentivize employees

One of the best ways to encourage your employees to get more efficient is actually giving them a reason to do so. Recognizing the employees for the work they have done perfectly will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to continue increasing their skills and productivity. 

Cut out the excess

Try not to give your employees smaller and unnecessary tasks when they are already focused on larger goals. Take a look at their routine and check if there is anything that you can cut to give them more time to focus on the higher productive assignments and goals. 

Train and develop employees

Reducing the training or removing it all together might tend to be a good way to save the time and money spent on it but it is not so actually. However, it could backfire at anytime. Forcing your employees to learn their jobs on their own or with some guidance can be extremely inefficient. Instead of having workers randomly complete their tasks with zero training or guidance, take some extra time or day to teach them the necessary skills to complete a particular job or work. 

Embrace telecommuting

Allowing the employees to work from home might seem inefficient as the question arises whether there is a guarantee of them being still productive when there is no one to have to watch them. However, the reality is a bit different, it is seen that people who work from home have 13% more productivity than the ones who work from the office. Letting the employees telecommute allows them to save their time and hence use that time to increase the productivity of the work. 

Provide feedback

There is no possibility of increasing the employees’ efficiency if they are not aware of whether they are efficient or inefficient at the workplace. As a result, performance reviews are essential. Firstly measure the performance of your employees and then hold individual meetings to let them know where they excel and in which areas they need to work on. 

Think big picture

Things that might seem inefficient to use now might actually be useful and advantageous in the long run. Hence before vetoing a misuse of time, make sure to ask yourself whether it could ever possibly benefit your company. 


For any company, it is essential to have highly productive employees and it is not an easy task. As a result, George Goyal Houston brought you’re the above-listed simple ways to increase your employees’ productivity. 

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