9 Best Types of Plants to Beautify Your Vertical Garden

Beautify Garden

Setting up a Vertical Garden outside your home is a peaceful hobby and an effective way to enhance the appearance of your residential property. There are several great ideas and variations you can implement to make your vertical garden as unique as possible. These ideas include choosing what type of plants to use. 

You can use potted plants or hanging plants. You can opt for succulents, herbs, or cultivars like chilli peppers and basil.

If you still can’t decide or choose a plant to adorn your gravity-defying garden, why not use the list below as your guide?


If you wish to spare some space or prefer to use a minimalistic approach for your garden, the waxflower is the perfect plant for you. The best part about this flower is you can manipulate the course or direction of its growth. 


Vines do not require constant maintenance or sunlight. Thus, if you are always on-the-go, you will not have to worry about these “climbing” stems. Some of the highly recommended types of vine plants include strawberries, grapes, beans, and wedding vines.


Similar to vines, ferns are also low-maintenance and easy to cultivate. Ferns do not produce seeds or flowers. Ferns are also known for withstanding cold and hot climates. Choose from a variety of ferns—lady fern, blue star fern, sword fern, Christmas fern, or autumn fern.


There are around 10,000 variations of succulents. They come in different colours and shades and survive even in hot or warm weather conditions. More importantly, succulents can act as a repellent to ward off insects and pests.


A dracaena is a type of plant that helps purify the air in your home. Categorically, it belongs to a family of lush shrubs and trees. The leaves of a dracaena plant typically bear different hues. These hues include yellow, red, and white. 

6.Lipstick Plant

Scientifically called Aeschynanthus radicans, the plant bears a striking resemblance to a cosmetic product. While a lipstick plant is not meant to colour your lips, its ornamental features make it the preferred option for homeowners who want to add a touch of sophistication to their gardens.

7.Limelight Bower Wattle

Otherwise known as Acacia cognata, this type of plant is easy to distinguish because of its beautiful, bright green hue. In Spring, its flowers bask in vividly yellow colour. It grows and spreads in what experts describe as an “erect” manner. Its growing behaviour helps add volume and depth to your vertical garden. 

8.Tillandsia Maxima

Tillandsia Maxima is a type of air plant that can endure hot climates. This plant can grow multiple flowers simultaneously. It is perfect as an ornamental plant for your garden because of its coral and purple shades. 

9.Tillandsia Funckiana

Like the Tillandsia Maxima, the Tillandsia Funckiana is also a type of air plant. It has sophisticated features that add eye-catching detail to your residential property. It bears neon orange flowers while its leaves transform into yellow plants over time. The way this air plant coil creates a distinct shape, which also adds to its popularity and appeal.

A Vertical Garden is a space-saving and creative way to spice things up outside your humble abode. Try growing your own if you want to immerse yourself in a relaxing and fulfilling activity.

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