7 Pro Tips To Save Money At Home Depot Every Time You Shop

7 Pro Tips To Save Money At Home Depot Every Time You Shop

Home Depot is like a Mecca for all those who are looking to improve their homes. From premium quality building materials, lighting, and landscaping products to hardware, and appliances, you can find any home improvement related tools within the warehouse walls. Whether you want to repair a significant system, or your interiors need a facelift, this gigantic shop houses everything you need for your DIY project. 

However, the renovation of your humble abode comes with a steep price. But don’t worry! There are several smart ways you can save money while shopping in the Home Depot Store. Let’s get started!

Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

One of the pro tips to save money at Home Depot is to buy discounted gift cards. Instead of paying for the purchase with cash or credit, you can use a gift card and save anywhere from 7 to 30%. So, gift cards are a great way to save money on large ticket items.

Check The Special Buys And Local Ads

Home Depot has local ads and special offers online. These ads tell what deals are currently trending in your area. If you access the Home Depot Flyer or browse online, you’ll find reviews for each product and add the items you want to purchase in your cart. Along with weekly ads, Home Depot’s online center showcases discounted items that allow you to find the hottest deals in every department. 

So, if you missed out on last year’s Black Friday sale, or Christmas sale, the Home Depot flyers will keep you updated about the best shopping hours, as well as holiday shopping announcements. 

As there are more than 2,200 locations of this retailer giant around the US, you can use the Home Depot Flyer Locator to find a nearby store. Choose your city, territory, or province, and a list of Home Depot shops will pop up. 

You Can Save On Bulk Orders

Home Depot offers bulk pricing deal if you spend a certain amount of money in one transaction. Typically, this deal is available for the contractors. However, some locations also offer bulk pricing to those who buy large quantities of roof tiles, insulation, drywall, pavers, etc. Keep in mind that there are minimum purchase requirements that vary from one item to the other. An, you might spend over $1,000 on one transaction to get a discount. Thus, before you start your DIY project, it’s worth checking the minimum amount you need to spend in order to avail of the discount.

Shop For New Appliances On The Labor Day

Though Home Depot runs sales on appliances regularly, you can find the lowest prices on these items on Labor Day. You may have the idea of purchasing the new fridge, dryer, washer, etc. But, try to keep your old appliances running till summer; you’ll save big bucks. 

September, October, and January are the best months to buy appliances. These are the times when the manufacturers introduce new models, and you can find the best deals on last year’s models. But, refrigerators are the exception. New models of fridges usually come out in the spring. 

Know The Price Match Policy

Home Depot provides a low price guarantee to match their competitors for purchases made online and in-store. They even match the price of the item plus its shipping costs for online purchases. For the in-store purchases, you need to bring the competitors’ ad or printout with you for validation. 

Get The Home Depot Subscriptions

If you sign up for a recurring purchase, Home Depot offers a discount on selected items. By signing up with the subscription program, you can save 5% on everything, including heavy-duty trash bags, batteries, air filters, etc. Besides, you don’t have to pay any fee to start the subscription. Just fix the purchase frequency, and the products will be delivered to your doorstep.  

Check The Rebate Center

Browse the Home Depot Debate Center to see which products qualify for money back. The Rebate function allows you to filter the rebate items by location, category, and brand. With thousands of products listed as rebates, you can recoup some of the purchase prices.

To Sum Up

These are some of the many pro ways shoppers can take advantage of while shopping at Home 

Depot store. It will make frequent expenditures on home improvement purchases less painful.

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